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Spring Fever

Spring Fever Salad

Living in Northern California has its perks.  In the area we live, we have a short “winter”, if you can really call it winter.  It’s really more of a colder fall.  Only occasionally does the temperature drop down below the 30’s.  We get some rain, but not too much.  And only once in every 12 years or so does it ever “snow” a light dusting of white flakes that stick for a few hours and then melt away.

But, even though our winters aren’t harsh and they don’t last long, come January or February, I’m always ready for the sunshine and the warmth.  Don’t get me wrong–I’m NOT ready for the just-shoot-me-now-I’m-so-hot-and-suffering-from-heat-stroke summer weather!  But, it’d just be nice to have a warm nose, fingers, and toes again.

The last few days, we’ve been enjoying mid-60’s temps and sunny, blue skies.  I realize the majority of the U.S. is experiencing true winter weather right now.  Rain and snow and freezing temperatures.  I wish I could share some of this sunshine with all of you.

Along with the sunshine, I’ve caught some serious spring fever.  I want to clean and organize and get outside to play with Jadon and Pryce.  Last weekend, Sweet Daddy and I got busy tackling our goal (my goal) of organizing our entire house and garage in 2011.  He finished putting a set of cabinets together in the garage.  And I busily acted like I was going through boxes and getting rid of stuff.  But, I really just ended up filling Brittany’s hope chest with all of her old keepsakes.

Yesterday I spent the entire day organizing.  It felt great!  I filled up most of the new cabinets with things that were scattered all throughout our house and garage.  Keep in mind, this is the first time I’ve attempted organization in this house (and I’ve lived here for 5 years).  Sweet Daddy has lived here for 6 years and he certainly wasn’t organized when I moved in after we got married.  With all of his stuff and my enormous load of stuff that I brought with me, it added up to pure chaos.

I ate a late lunch yesterday after I was finished with the cabinets.  A gigantic salad and green bean fries.  Soooo good.

Spring Fever Salad Easy Vegan Recipes

I drizzled a little olive oil over the green beans and tossed to coat them.  Then I sprinkled salt and pepper on them and cooked them at 450 degrees F for 25 minutes, turning over once halfway through.I dipped them in my homemade ranch and drizzled ranch on top of my beautiful salad.  Salads are another thing I love about the warmer weather.  And it won’t be long now before we say goodbye to our winter garden and plant our summer garden.  Just 3 more months.  Yet another thing to love about spring weather.

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