Sweet Kateryna

Kateryna Titarchuk

Hi, I’m Kateryna Titarchuk.

I’m a wife.

I’m a mother to two boys, ages 11 (Jason) and 3 (Jhon), and a 16-year-old step-daughter (Tiana, who doesn’t live with us, but comes to visit).


I’m a stay-at-home mom.

I’m a vegan.  I became a vegetarian when I was a senior in high school.  Then I was a meat eater.  Then I flip-flopped a few times between vegan and vegetarian.

I cook primarily vegan meals for my family, with some vegetarian meals.  My husband (a.k.a. Sweet Daddy) and kids are omnivores who eat primarily vegan or vegetarian meals at home.  When Sweet Daddy gets a craving for chicken or steak, he buys it and cooks it himself.  He has told me several times that he feels much better when he eats a lot of plant foods.  Brittany and Jadon have told me the same thing.  It’s been wonderful to see how my kids’ tastes have changed.  Jadon, my once semi-picky eater, doesn’t crave as much sweets, meat, or dairy and likes eating salads.  He loves pretty much everything I cook and he’s more open to trying new vegetable-based meals than he would have been a few years ago.  I’ve seen a huge transformation in him and I think he’ll continue to make healthy choices as he gets older.  Pryce is exposed to new, healthy foods on a daily basis and I’m sure he’ll follow in his brother’s footsteps.

When I first switched to the vegan lifestyle, I didn’t realize the huge possibility of truly great meals that are possible if you just get into the kitchen and cook.  Instead, I relied heavily on processed fake meats and a few types of vegetables and I didn’t use any vegan recipes.  I quickly got tired of those foods and went back to a vegetarian diet.  When I switched back to vegan, I knew I needed to commit myself to discovering new and exciting meals to eat.  I’ve been in the kitchen ever since, creating recipes and sharing them with friends and family.  I love sharing my recipes with all of you and hearing your awesome feedback.  My goal for this blog is to show you how easy and delicious it can be to cook and eat vegan meals.

My blog isn’t like a lot of the other “healthy living” blogs out there because I’m missing one key component…exercise.  Two years ago, I found out I had 3 bulging discs in my back that made exercise too painful.  I had discectomy surgery in June 2009 to repair the worst of the 3 discs.  I have a lot of pain when I exercise and am always searching for a workout routine that will not only strengthen my back, but will be easy on my back.  At this time, I’m sticking with walking.

I named my blog “One Sweet Vegan” for a couple reasons.  No, this is not a blog all about vegan desserts.  (I’m more of a salt lover myself, although you will find some sweet treats on here.)  First, “Sweet” is my last name (and hopefully personality trait, as well).  Second, I’m the only vegan in my household.

I’m One Sweet Vegan.