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Vegan Foods

10 Practical Tips for Vegan Beginners

Find out more about alternatives

Some people feel reluctant about going vegans because they are afraid that they would not be able to find satisfactory alternatives for their favorite foods. They are quite mistaken for there are plenty of perfect vegan choices: almond or hazelnut milk, soy cheese and meat, and a lot of other interesting natural products you’ll be surprised to know about.

Actually, a huge list of delicious vegan milk also includes soy, cashew, coconut, walnut, or rice milk. As for vegan meats, there is mock and soy meat, seitan, mushrooms or TVP (which stands for Textured Vegetable Protein). Apart from fruit and vegetables, you can always use for your meals all sorts of legumes, grains, cereals, nuts, nut butter, seaweed and yogurts made of all of the abovementioned kinds of milk.

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